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 Authentication of cell lines is important in scientific research to ensure that you are not working with cells that are misidentified, cross contaminated, or that differ genetically from the original stocks, as a result of genetic instability or drift. Authentication of cell lines is a fundamental part of good cell culture practice and is increasingly required in order to secure funding for research and for publication in scientific journals.


Why is cell line authentication important?


ECACC offer cell line authentication services for both human and animal cell lines. For human cell lines Short tandem repeat (STR) loci are one of the most informative polymorphic markers in the human genome. DNA barcoding can distinguish between species but not between individual animals of the same species. A new STR based method for the identification of mouse cell lines is able to identify cross contamination and is a significant first step in addressing an issue which has plagued research laboratories for many years.

Authentication method & sample numbersPrice

Human cell line authentication by STR Profiling

£135 per sample

£125 per sample (for five tests or more)

Animal cell line authentication (species identification) by DNA barcoding


£95 per sample


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